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Why does it work?

Transviber®  is an Advanced Orgonite Technology:

Our products are made with an advanced orgonite we call  Transviber®. Common orgonite uses different materials and different crystals that carry a wide spectrum of frequencies, it is not so useful because of the impurities from the mix. Regular orgonite is wonderful for spaces, however, it is bulky and too big to stop cell phone EMF radiation.

Our first protectors were solely orgonite. The drawback was that we had to test every crystal batch to make sure that mix delivers necessary EMF protection. The results were not consistent.

After a few months of testing, it was clear that we need to develop a way to maximize the efficiency and minimize the size of Cell Phone EMF protectors.

After many tests and trials, we developed a new, different approach that avoids background frequencies from impurities and their unwanted effects. Our new crystals carry only anti-radiation frequencies and are over 100% efficient for protecting from EMF radiation.

In the smaller products, we use the microcrystals to maximize the efficiency.  

In our Silver jewelry line beside the crystals, we also use resonators or harmonic oscillators, which creates a harmonic standing wave. The results show that this combination creates a desired positive effect of reducing EMF stress using sympathetic phenomenon.

Our products are very efficient in protecting the energetic field for the user.

Products that don't contain crystals:

The simple sticker EMF protector products reduce the radiation only in the area they cover, so when they claim 96% reduction it is only applied to the sticker perimeter itself.

Simply because the EMF is not a factor in the effectiveness of the thin sticker, which is based on solely material resistance, desires more honesty and competitive testing.

Biofeedback machine stress Tests, aura photography pictures, seed sprouting, the infrared camera constantly show positive results protecting from EMF radiation.

Please note that results vary based on age, health condition, and EMF exposure.

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