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on August 31, 2017: My friend Petros recommended this product to me & I am so glad he did.
You can't be too careful with exposing yourself to radiation with these powerful smartphones
in our hands all the time. It seems to have improved my phone reception also.
I'm buying another one for my tablet

on October 5, 2017: Working on the computer has caused me headaches and after carrying this around the headaches went away. This is the real deal.

on November 17, 2017: I love this EMF Protector. When I use my phone now it's not heating up like before. This is the second one we have. It's great

on March 21, 2015: Wow...works great on smartphones! They pull more EMFs & with my health conditions that I am trying to cleanse I was leery about getting a smartphone, but this works great. Not if you are on your phone for hours, but for daily general use.

on October 25, 2013: Best product I purchased in a very long time.

I'm very careful believing everything I read or hear so I don't just buy bc someone told me "they thought it was good"

I did research every other day for over a month. I've had smartphones and devices since they were introduced into the market and always wondered about the health concerns. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to be within 5 feet of the TV and now we put these devices on our laps, in our pocks, and in our hands all day long...yes the TVs of 20 years ago and the smart devices of today are very different, but these devices do radiate toxins and heat.

I decided to order the VortexBioShield and thought worst comes to worst I will return it. What I discovered was less heat from my Samsun fewer headaches on days I used the phone a lot. I thought it was all in my head so I kept taking it off and on certain days to test it and sure enough, it was this little extra piece that worked so well. I ended up buying 4 more for my Ipad ( I used 2 of them next to each other, this is before they introduced the large Ipad/pad device version) and wife's phone and mom (yes mom is starting to use an iPhone to text and see pics we send her)

I don't write many reviews because not much excites me, till this device came in.

Michael, Boston

Testimonials from: https://www.amazon.com/Cell-Phone-Radiation-Shield-Anti-Radiation/dp/B004YXC1WO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512437750&sr=8-1&keywords=vortex+bioshield


Patricia Stutz. 2017, direct email to Petros the owner of VortexBioShield/Transviber:

My testing with the Vortex bio shield came to me when I ordered a bio shield from this company,  I live near a mountain range where there is testing with radiation waves,  and I live smack dab in the middle of the valley and can feel the affects of this testing in my field, it is like a wave of negative high powered energy that hits your  auric field causing very painful cramping in your body, like double over type, piercing pain the ears..and to add to that mess I live next to an airport and live in a modular home with aluminum siding. I have energy filters throughout my house but knew I needed more protection for my energy field..That is when I found Vortex bio shield, I ordered  a small shield and then called the owner Petro to ask him where is the best place to use the filter that I bought, he said any where, on my house phone, I pad, home computer, I  ask if I could use it on my body he said yes, so I have a nice medicine bag and placed a small shield in it and have been wearing ever since and have since then bought the bigger filters for all my electronics.  I then tested out the heart pendant and the flower pendants, they all work so well...The heart pendant is so powerful it fills your auric field with high frequencies to block out harmful rays of anything .. my experience of wearing  the heart took about a week to totally energize my field and to raise my vibration to a higher level for protection. I started sleeping better, sound sleep was something I had not experienced in a long while, slept through the night,  Felt so calm and peaceful in the morning. So I have come to realize that is used to be our natural state of well being, but through all of the technologies it has taken over our auric fields and has severely lowered our energy. So I highly recommend these products, the pendants are worth every penny. We all need to be wearing these,  Helping to share the word with something very worthwhile and beautiful in this world. They really do work.  

After I used the heart pendent and the flower pendants, along with the shields for the computers for a month. I then sent them back because they were on a loan to me to try out for 30 days, 2 -days later after I sent them back, 2nd night without the shield's I woke up in the middle of the night, I had been sleeping so soundly with them, so I kinda went back to sleep, it was not sound, 3rd and 4th and so on were about the same, awaking through the night and then waking early, I did not have that sound peaceful deep sleep, nor did I feel the calm in the morning that lasted all day. I really could tell the difference in my mood, and in energy my level, due to waking up all night long. So I could really feel the difference without them on me,  it took two days for my field to drop and then to notice the in- balance within my field. I will be getting it back, feel like I can't live without it... I also used the small shield for electronics and the large shield, small on my home phone, on the bottom where you plug your phone in, and used  two large shields on my iPad and desk computer, I just stuck in on the front of it, and anywhere else I thought was pouring energy into my house, they are nice looking, After about a 3 or 4 days, I noticed that when I was finished using my iPad or computer that I did not feel stressed, like I was not  jittery after a long use with my computer, or feeling exhausted from energy drain. So over all this for me was a very positive  (experience) (experiment) for me, for myself this was an excellent choice I made and working with Petro's, the owner was a great experience., Thank you, Bio Vortex Shield, Patricia Stutz.

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