About Vortex Bio Shield

We use special crystals in all of our products. These crystals carry proprietary harmonic frequencies, similar to an orgonite mixture but stronger. Using sympathetic resonance crystals charge the users energy field.
As a result, the stronger energetic field protects the user from harmful EMF radiation effects.
Multiple tests show the user's energy field change and biofeedback machine clearly shows complete removal of the stress caused by EMF radiation.

  • Our Quantum Harmonizers Completely Remove Negative Effects and Stress from Wi-Fi electronics such as Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Games and More.


  • These type of Protectors Work With Your Bio-Energetic Field using a Sympathetic Resonance Phenomenon and frequencies from real crystal and metal mix inside.


  • Quantum Energy from Crystals Energizes and Maintains users High Energy Levels. This Energy Helps Users to Avoid Stress and Negative Effects of EMF Radiation. Please see Biomeridian Machne Stress Test and Aura Picture on the Test Results page on our Website.


  • Two brand names VortexBioShield® and Transviber® it is offered only by Working Vibes Research Group, We take pride in our 96% store rating on Amazon. As you know there is much competition out there. We aim always to provide top customer service and product satisfaction. Our goal is and was to reach a 100% seller rating. Unfortunately, behind our back, something we had no prior knowledge would happen... happened. We were hijacked! please be sure to order from Working Vibes research.

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